the epitaph project: sites
Hollywood Forever
Lake View
portable tombstone
The Fields
Spaces Gallery

the epitaph project exists in different sites and different forms.

It existed first in Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where I purchased a grave site and for many years tended it and where I still visit, especially every fall for Dia de los Muertos where I encounter many passersby in the night.
the epitaph project exists also in Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland and The Fields sculpture Park in upstate New York. It also exists as a portable tombstone/chalkboard that is used to collect epitaphs at lectures, workshops and exhibitions. It existed for the summer of 2002 in both Socrates Sculpture Park, NYC, and Spaces gallery in Cleveland.

the epitaph project exists as an archive of photographs of all the epitaphs that viewers have offered and will soon exist as a book and it also exists here on this site with you now.